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We are committed to collaboration in healthcare

Bringing communities and organizations together to establish a collective voice to address the true unmet needs in healthcare.

HCPs and patients working together

Collaboration and co-creation

No single organization owns healthcare, and therefore it requires a collaborative approach to ensure meaningful outcomes are achieved for those impacted by a disease. A successful collaboration is one which recognizes all stakeholders as equals and who are aligned to clear and relevant goals. We are champions of collaboration and co-creation and work with all stakeholders to help design and develop projects and programs that deliver meaningful outcomes.


Active Partnerships


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Ongoing Projects

Equal Approach

Equal approach to healthcare

Only when the drug discovery and development ‘table’ is an equal place for patient organizations, healthcare professionals, government bodies and the pharmaceutical industry, can we truly say that we are successfully collaborating with the community and making meaningful difference to those affected by a disease.

Equal Approach

Bridging education gaps

Our purpose is to help make the ‘table’ equal, by bringing communities together, enabling peer-to-peer exchanges, that bridge educational gaps and support greater access to care.

Patients, Professionals, Policymakers and Pharma = P4

Guiding Principles

Founded on guiding principles

Our principles encompass our beliefs and guide our approach to patient advocacy, professional education, and disease awareness.

We must always:

  • listen to the needs of a community
  • embrace new ideas and ways of thinking
  • champion equality and equal access to care
  • advocate collaboration and multi-sponsored balanced education
  • encourage sharing to accelerate progress
  • do what is right for the patient

Our practices

From understanding the needs of patients, raising awareness of a disease, or communicating new approaches to care, we ensure programs are balanced and guided by those they represent. We provide strategic thinking to solve complex problems and help distil complex communications, to lift levels of knowledges and unite communities.



Identify and understand the needs of a community and the stakeholders who can drive change



Stimulate discovery and conceptualize solutions to overcome unmet needs



Co-create programs, define a journey, form partnerships, and identify future innovation opportunities



Educate the communities we support to improve health outcomes



Listen, learn and adapt to the needs of the communities we support

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