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AMMF Annual Hybrid 2023 Conference

AMMF Annual Hybrid 2023 Conference

Gabrielle Jönsberg-Holmes

In May, Colab Health had the privilege of organizing and successfully executing the AMMF Hybrid 2023 European Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) Conference. The event was held in partnership with AMMF, the UK's only dedicated CCA charity, which is now working nationally and across Europe, as well as actively collaborating globally to raise awareness about CCA.

The conference was held at the Radisson Blu at Stansted Airport from 10th to 12th May and took on the theme of "innovation," focusing on both the European and international aspects of cholangiocarcinoma. The presentations were primarily co-chaired by Professor John Bridgewater and Professor Lorenza Rimassa, esteemed experts and pioneers in the field of CCA. All of the presentations were streamed live to a global audience via the virtual on-demand platform and are now available on the AMMF website.

Watch the highlights reel of the AMMF 2023 European Cholangiocarcinoma Conference here:

Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA), also referred to as bile duct cancer, is often considered rare, but its global incidence and mortality rates have been steadily increasing. It is also often not recognized as a primary liver cancer alongside hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). This concerning trend is compounded by the challenges associated with early and accurate diagnosis, which often hinder prompt access to life-saving treatment and surgery.

The potential for misdiagnosis underscores the significance of events like the AMMF annual conference, which brings together healthcare professionals, clinical nurses, researchers, industry partners, patients, and caregivers. By fostering collaboration among these key stakeholders, the conference aimed to address the challenges faced by those living with cholangiocarcinoma, showcase advancements in the treatment landscape, and raise awareness about the impact of this devastating disease.

However, organising a high-quality hybrid event of this magnitude is no small feat. It required meticulous management of a diverse programme comprising in-person and virtual presentations, the development of a meaningful and engaging social media campaign, and efficient coordination with the venue and third-party audio-visual teams. Collaboration and communication between Colab Health, AMMF, and its supporters were paramount in ensuring the success of the annual conference.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, with 160 live delegates and 300+ virtual delegates from 24 countries across the globe.

A wide array of topics related to CCA were discussed, including personalized medicine, centers of expertise, liquid biopsy, the importance of multidisciplinary teams, and the work of international CCA advocacy groups. Our medical professional delegates were particularly moved by the stories shared by patient representatives on their past and current experiences of treatment. Attendees, whether virtual or in-person, from various sectors within the CCA landscape, including industry leaders, clinical nurse specialists, and oncologists, praised the event.

We look forward to working with AMMF to host their next hybrid annual conference in 2024, bringing together healthcare professionals, patients, and pharmaceutical companies to collaborate and generate change in the CCA space. Save the date May 08 – 10, 2024, to attend the AMMF annual conference!

To discover more about AMMF's work and cholangiocarcinoma, please visit the AMMF website: https://ammf.org.uk/

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