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Introducing Three New Members of the Colab Team!

Introducing Three New Members of the Colab Team!

Gary Nolan

Colab Health is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our team during this exciting period of growth. As we continue to evolve and strengthen our commitment to delivering excellence in healthcare communications, we are delighted to introduce three remarkable individuals who have joined us on this journey.

Tharshini Ragupathy - Account Manager:

Meet Tharshini! She joined Colab Health in May 2023 as an Account Manager. Tharshini is a valuable addition to our team, bringing her expertise and passion for healthcare. She's here to build and nurture strong client relationships and coordinate cross-functional collaboration.

Andy Perry - Project Director:

Introducing Andy, our experienced Project Director. Andy's constant desire for improvement, understanding of various project methodologies, and deep knowledge of print, press, digital media, and financial governance make him a vital asset. He's passionate about creative ideas that challenge the status quo.

Tomek Wlodarczyk - Senior Developer:

Join us in welcoming Tomek as our Senior Developer! With a wealth of expertize and creativity, Tomek enhances our digital projects. His skills and creativity bring a fresh perspective to our dynamic team. He’s not a bad tennis player either…

We are proud to have Tharshini, Andy, and Tomek on board, and we can't wait to see the positive impact they'll make at Colab Health! Stay tuned for more updates from our growing team.

About Gary Nolan

Utilizing over 18 years of medical education experience, Gary has developed a unique skill in forming, facilitating, and nurturing community collaborations to support mutually beneficial outcomes. He is an expert in identifying unmet educational needs, navigating sensitivities and co-creating alliances that strive to lift levels of knowledge. Gary applies his passion for co-creation and scientific rigor to all partnerships and the collaborations he supports.

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