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MPN World Awareness Day

MPN World Awareness Day

Nisha Patel

Build a ‘Wall of Hope’: it’s not a task that many people find on their to-do list, and it was a first for me!

To mark MPN World Awareness Day (Sep 8th), the GMPNSF asked us to find a way of raising MPN awareness and creating a sense of hope and unity in the MPN community. It was a challenging problem that required a creative solution: we decided to build a virtual ‘Wall of Hope’, composed of inspirational posts and videos, shared by the MPN community, and designed to spread positivity across the globe.

From pictures of mountain conquerors and cute dogs to happy selfies, sunsets and weddings, the ‘Wall of Hope’ really does have it all. It unites members of the community from all around the world: we had wonderful contributions from 16 countries, including Austria, Colombia, Thailand, Venezuela and Argentina. We are inspired by the determination and support in the community and incredibly grateful that we had the chance to shine a spotlight on it.

Creating the wall was a truly collaborative (and colossal) effort; we worked with a range of different groups to launch and promote the wall, including the GMPNSF steering committee, patient advocacy groups, industry, healthcare professionals and, most importantly, patients and caregivers. We are very proud to be a part of this community, and look forward to more weird, wonderful and inspirational collaborations.

You can check out the wall here (it’s guaranteed to make you smile):

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