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Transforming Patient Advisory Board Insights into Meaningful Outcomes

Transforming Patient Advisory Board Insights into Meaningful Outcomes

James Badman

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest project - a video campaign in collaboration with the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) to raise awareness and promote action towards improving the lives of people with β-thalassaemia worldwide.

Capturing the Patient Voice:

The project began in 2022, when Colab Health supported TIF to organize a series of three patient advisory board meetings, bringing together patients and caregivers with varying levels of disease-specific expertise from across the globe. The aim was to gather their perspectives on a range of issues related to β-thalassaemia.

The three roundtable meetings focused on identifying and understanding quality of life parameters in β- thalassaemia, defining and understanding the holistic impact of β- thalassaemia, and understanding the impact of social determinants in β- thalassaemia.

Bringing the Insights to Life:

Following these meetings, Colab Health worked with TIF to present the key findings in a unique and impactful manner. The result was an animated video resource, which tells the story of Jo, a young girl with β-thalassaemia, and her life journey with the disorder.

Jo’s story is representative of the resilience and strength of many people all over the world who face similar challenges. We loved Jo from day one and we hope her story will inspire others with the same condition to never lose hope and never give up, despite difficulties. It's important to note that Jo's story has been generated from real insights gathered during the three patient advisory board meetings.

The video has its own dedicated webpage on the TIF website, where you can watch it and learn more about the campaign:

Activating the Community:

The webpage also includes a button to "Show Your Support" which allows visitors to pledge their support towards alleviating health inequalities for people with β-thalassaemia around the world.

We are proud to have worked on this project with TIF, and we hope that our video campaign will help raise awareness about β-thalassaemia and inspire action towards improving the lives of those affected by it.

About James Badman

As the 1st employee of Colab Health, James plays a key role in ensuring our company follows our principles as the team grows to support all things patient advocacy, professional education, and disease awareness.

As one of our leaders, James specializes in bringing communities together to address true unmet needs in healthcare; supporting the team to always:

- listen to the needs of a community

- embrace new ideas and ways of thinking

- champion equality and equal access to care

- advocate collaboration and multi-sponsored balanced education

- encourage sharing to accelerate progress

- do what is right for the patient

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