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Welcome to the Team, Gabby

Welcome to the Team, Gabby

Gary Nolan

We are thrilled to welcome Gabby to our team as a Senior Account Executive. Gabby brings a wealth of experience and a passion for medical communications, having spent the past year working in the Medical Strategy and Education department of a leading medical communications agency.

Gabby was responsible for the day-to-day management of multiple projects, primarily focusing on the communication pipeline between healthcare professionals and their patients in the HIV and urogenital cancer fields. Gabby’s diverse portfolio of projects for global clients included a 'Conversations with Patients' video series, a supplement publication, an informative website, and scrollable patient infographics.

Prior to her role in medical communications, Gabby spent four years working in the medical humanities field, with a special focus on the intersection of political identity and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This background provides Gabby with a unique perspective on medical communications and the ability to bring a fresh and innovative approach to our projects.

We are confident that Gabby's skills and experience will be a valuable asset to Colab Health, and we look forward to the contributions Gabby will make in driving our projects forward and delivering meaningful results for our clients. Gabby's passion and drive are evident, and we are excited to see how her expertise and perspective will help shape the future of our organization.

Please join us in welcoming Gabby to the team!

About Gary Nolan

Utilizing over 18 years of medical education experience, Gary has developed a unique skill in forming, facilitating, and nurturing community collaborations to support mutually beneficial outcomes. He is an expert in identifying unmet educational needs, navigating sensitivities and co-creating alliances that strive to lift levels of knowledge. Gary applies his passion for co-creation and scientific rigor to all partnerships and the collaborations he supports.

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