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Grants Manager


Oversee all aspects of new and ongoing Grants, Charitable Donations and Sponsorships on behalf of Colab Health and its partners. Ensure all funding requests are completed to a consistently high standard, within the agreed specifications and timelines. Ensure that the tracking, renewal and reconciliation of funding is efficiently managed and delivered in line with Colab Health’s values. Make sure all requests meet a professional standard and industry regulations.

Who We Are

We believe that no single organization owns healthcare, and therefore it requires a collaborative approach to ensure meaningful outcomes are achieved for those impacted by a disease. For change to happen, collaboration is the single most important ingredient, where all stakeholders are recognized as equals and are aligned to a single goal. We are champions of collaboration and co-creation and work tirelessly to ensure meaningful outcomes are achieved for the communities we support.

Grants Manager


Full time


How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this role, please send a copy of your CV to hello@colabhealth.co


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